Afrobeat Movement

Afrobeat, Lo-Fi and occasional politics

About Afrobeat Movement

The Afrobeat Movement can a couple of different things. It’s a band from Malmö, Sweden, trying to look more forward than backwards while still standing steadily in the Afrobeat music invented by fela kuti and reinvented by the Antibalas. It’s also this blog, trying to spread the word of this amazing style of music, and stuff related to it (including misbehavior from governments and corporations).

Last, but most important, it’s you. Living, breathing, playing and listening to Afrobeat all around the world. The message is getting through. This is blog is just aiming to be a piece of it. If you’re also writing – please get in touch. If you don’t – get in touch anyway!

The band Afrobeat Movement is currently on a mission of making the afrobeat sound more available without losing the roughness and it’s roots. We try to incorporate analog synths from hot chip, refrains and more “regular” song structures while keeping the rock hard groove and lo-fi feel of the original afrobeat. The band consists of Kristoffer Rudberg, Jesper Söderblom, Magnus Lorinius, Nils Leonardsson, Martin Bolin, Marcus Lindskiöld, Karl Westin and a couple of other musicians in the area. Check us out on


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