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Mean Mixtapes!! – Analog Africa Selection vol. 1

Analog Africa Selection – mean afrobeat mixtapes!

Analog Africa Selection – mean afrobeat mixtapes!

German record company Analog Africa reprints really really rare music from western africa, a lot of it afro-beat. Almost all of the stuff they mention is new to me, but that’s what make me so excited about it!

To get you started: AAS has put up two mp3 mixtapes for download: Analog Africa Sessions. My first impression is that volume one i slightly faster, and more dance-friendly, which is what I’m all about. The very first song is like a sped up version of “upside down” – taking a look at the guitar riff and the accompanying horns. Ok that one might need som imagination :). 12:20 into volume one, there’s a really cool analog sound going on. It has a lightweight groove and very analog feel. I like it fast, not heavy!

Analog Africa Selection vol. 1
Analog Africa Selection vol. 2