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All of dem win

A four hour bus ride was enough this time,
but he still dont know what was his crime.
90 was arrested read the front that night,
the politicians saying: ‘the police did fine’

but the streets still belong to the people.
The people are supposed to be free..
Watch and being watched is the future,
so much closer than i thought it would be!

From “belong to the people”, demo song by Afrobeat Movement. Listen to it here »


The so called activists, the so called media and the so called police threw a little party in Västra Hamnen in Malmö yesterday. Jesper’s lyrics above deal with the situation during the Davis Cup game between Sweden and Israel earlier this year. Then, 90 was arrested, most of them walking peacefully on their way back home. This time, ten people was arrested and when considering how little that happened during the “DC-riots”, nothing i mean nothing could have happened now.

Activists, Media and Police are all winners

Why do these things keep happening? The simple answer is that the activists, the media and the police are all winners from “riots”. The activists gain respect in their inner circle, and it’s an easy chance to get a reputation of actually ‘doing something’ without having to make a long-term commitment to a question. The media get cool action-photos, interesting headlines and a chance to  argue that the protesters are plain trouble-makers. The police get more money and resources, and can claim that political crimes are on the rise.

The losers of this is, of course, everyone else. But I still have to give the protesters a point. Today in sweden, the right to buy your flat and the right to own stuff seem to gain importance at the cost of the common good. However, these people do not bring the solution. The solution is, as always, a genuine interest in making the place where you live a better one. More on that later!
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